A successful entrepreneur fascinated by Luxury Italian Style

Very early Biagio Di Franco is passionated by the fashion and fascinated by the high quality level of the “Made in Italy” products. At the age of 18 he organizes and hosts its first fashion show for men, women and children.

Entrepreneur at heart, he designed in parallel to his studies his first company at the age of 19. For 25 years he creates, develops and revitalizes companies in different parts of the globe and various industries: real estate, food, sports, film production, tourism, transport and of course… fashion !


He revived several textile workshops and manufacturing companies that suffered the crisis in Italy. He instilled a new impetus to these family businesses while preserving their specificity and talents: spinning, dyeing, weaving, knitwear, garments …

Today, PhD in Engineering and Management, he is still accompanying many companies in their strategic developments as expert in the creation and corporate revitalization.

His expertise is recognized thanks to the facts that he can grasp comprehensively the different departments of the company, thoroughly mastering each of them.

DIFRANCO’s philosophy

The DIFRANCO fashion house was formed to gather the various italian expert talents in the luxury fashion industry. The italian brand’s will is to preserve the internationally renowned italian know-how, heritage of more than 30 years combining craftsmanship, creativity and technical innovations. The city of Milan, fashion capital of the world, was naturally the center of the luxurious brand development.


The Italian production in one glance

DIFRANCO Charter of Excellence

100 % Made in Italy

We guarantee the italian origin of our products. A certification that meets the best requirements

Hand finishing

At DIFRANCO we place the utmost attention to details. Therefore, the finishing is done entirely by hand.

Best Quality products

For an excellent product, we select the noblest raw materials exclusively made by the best Italian spinners.

Comfort and Class

We believe that luxury is synonymous with comfort. At DIFRANCO, fashion is not a torture but a second skin.

Italian design

Our models are designed by Italian designers. Elegance, refinement and exclusivity are their watchwords.

Unique as you !

We produce exceptional products that enhance you and make you unique… as you are !

Hand Finishing

Watch the Inside and Outside Utmost Quality

The Value of Time

At DIFRANCO we think that time has value. Spinning, weaving, knitting, printing, dyeing, finishing…are many specific crafts that are involved in the production of a single piece of clothing. In these several step of the production we want to offer you the best finishing quality. This can only be made with passion and love for work well done.

In every product, we are pleased to offer you this gift of time spent doing things with love.